What should I do if Hopster stops working?

We work hard to make Hopster the best, most cutting edge app we can, one that's available on as many devices as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes this complexity means little unforeseen errors can occur which cause the app to stop working.

If this happens, please take the following steps to get Hopster back up and running.

Step 1 - restart the app:
In the first instance, hard close the app and restart. This can solve many problems. As great as our devices are, they can get sometimes get overwhelmed.

Step 2 - update the app:
Sometimes we have detected a bug and fixed it. This fix will be applied when you update the app.

Step 3 - reinstall the app:
Some crashes occur for reasons that are particular to the specific combination for your device, platform, OS, etc. Reinstalling the app - deleting it and re-downloading it - can solve a lot of issues.

Step 4 - contact us:
If you're still having problems with the app, then it's time to contact us. We can offer you personalised support to get to the bottom of the issue.

Please email us on help@hopster.tv with a description of the problem and the following info:
1. The device you're using
2. Your iOS version (if applicable)
3. Which version of Hopster you're using (this can be found in the Grown Ups area)
4. What connection you're using

With these details we can look into why the app isn't working for you further and hopefully solve the problem.

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