Already subscribed on your iOS device?

If you've already been using Hopster on an iOS device and logging in with a Hopster account (not your Apple ID), then you can just simply login with your Hopster account details on the app on your Android device.

Here's how to log in with your Hopster account:

1. Launch Hopster on your device
2. Tap and drag out the green tab, top right of the screen
3. Enter your birth year to prove you're a grown up
4. Tap Log in (top right)

5. Enter your Hopster account details

That's it! You should be logged in and ready to rock.  

**Please note**
You won't be able to use your Apple ID to sign in to Hopster on your Android device.

But, there is a way to use your existing iTunes subscription on your Android device. Please see below:

1. Launch Hopster on your iOS device
2. Go to grown ups and log in with your Apple ID and create a Hopster account 

3. Once set up, you can use your Hopster account to log in on your Android device.

If you have any questions at all, please email our lovely Customer Support team on 

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