Why can't I connect to Hopster?

Even the most reliable Wi-Fi drops out sometimes!

What to look out for:

- Check you’ve got a stable internet connection. If you’re having a problem with getting your connection back online, check to see if there is any advice in the manual you received along with your router from your ISP.

- If you are connected but the message on Hopster is still showing, try restarting the app. It might be that you started it while the connection was still establishing itself and gave you the error before you got online.

If you are connected and have restarted Hopster but the message is still popping up, email us on help@hopster.tv with the following info:

1. The device you're using
2. Your iOS version (if applicable)
3. Which version of Hopster you're using (this can be found in the grown ups area)
4. What connection you're using.

With these details we can look into it further and hopefully help solve the problem!


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