The video stream is poorer quality than I expected!

Sorry to hear this! 

Without knowing the specifics of when and how you were using Hopster, it's difficult to give exact tips on how to make it better, but here's a bit more on how we stream video and why it might be streaming poorly for you:

Hopster dynamically adjusts it’s video stream quality based on the quality of your Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G signal, aiming to keep the episode you’re watching playing, rather than stopping and having to buffer.

If your video is quite blurry, this is likely down to low signal. Try moving around the house to get a better signal, indicated by more bars if you’re on Wi-Fi, and more solid circles if you’re on a 3G / 4G mobile connection.

If your video simply stops playing altogether email us on with the following details:

1. The device you're using 
2. Your iOS version (if applicable)
3. Which version of Hopster you're using (this can be found in the Grown Ups area)
4. What connection you're using 

With these details we can look into it further and hopefully solve the problem for you.


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