Can I use my subscription across multiple devices?

The answer is yes! 

Just make sure that you're using the same Apple ID or the same Hopster account across all your devices.

Using your Hopster account

If you subscribed via our website you would have created a Hopster account. Use this email address and password on the Hopster app to sign in on any device.

1. In Grown Ups tap on 'Log in' in top right corner

2. Enter your Hopster account details (email and password) 

iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon* subscribers can use Hopster across multiple devices

Tap Log in (as above) then scroll down and tap the Restore subscription button.
(iOS example below).

Hopster Multiple Devices Restore Subscription (iTunes)

(*This applies to different Amazon Fire tablet devices, but not between Fire TV to Fire tablet or vice versa​. The best way to achieve that is to create a Hopster account after subscribing and then use that to log into all our apps​)

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