How to cancel your subscription on Apple TV

There are a few ways to do this depending on the way you subscribed:

If you only have an Apple TV

  1. You’ll need to download iTunes and login with your Apple ID

  2. Go to ‘Manage your Subscriptions’, select ‘Hopster’ and select Auto-Renew to ‘off’


If you have an iPhone/iPad

If you subscribed with your Apple ID, your subscription is handled through Apple's system. This means you'll need to:
  1. Launch the App Store on your device, sign in to your Apple ID and select 'Hopster'
  2. Select 'Manage subscriptions' and turn Auto-Renew to 'off'.
You can head to this direct link (from your iOS device or computer) to manage your iTunes subscriptions:

If you subscribed on the website 

  1. Head to and log in with your Hopster account details
  2. Head to 'Manage Subscriptions' and click 'Cancel'​

After cancelling, you can continue using Hopster until the end of the month that you've paid for.
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