How do I cancel my subscription?

We're sorry you want to cancel your subscription.

1. If you subscribed via the app with your Google Play account

1. Launch Google Play Store 

2. Sign in to your account

3. Select 'My account' from the menu on the left hand side

4. Scroll down to 'Subscriptions' 

5. Select 'view' next to Hopster

6. Select 'cancel subscription'

Your subscription will end at the end of the current billing period and is effectively cancelled. You won't be charged again, and you will be able to use all of Hopster until the end of the period you've paid for. 

2. If you subscribed via our website

Your subscription is handled through our internal payment system.

Take the following steps to cancel:

1. Log in to Hopster with your account details

2. Click 'Cancel Subscription' at the bottom of the 'Manage Subscription' page.


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